Praise for the Author


“Neuroseed is like the hyperactive lovechild of a cyber-augmented threesome between The Matrix, Neuromancer, and Disney’s Tower of Terror. The book deals with traditional sci-fi themes of dystopia, virtual reality, the Internet, underground rebellions, and resource disparity, but puts them all in a speed-ball package of hyperdrive hyperreality. We never quite know what’s real and what’s not, but the book never relies on a single-handed reveal to surprise the readers. Reality exists in transformative layers, peeling back and shuttling forward until I’d lost all sense of direction and could only hang on for the ride. To call Neuroseed a roller-coaster wouldn’t do it justice, it’s more like an acid-trip on an alien dimension. There wasn’t a wasted page in Neuroseed, and it’s definitely made me a fan of Greg James.”
Autumn Christian
Author of the Crooked God Machine, Ecstatic Inferno & We Are Wormwood


James’ writing is flawless and strong. There were many moments when I forgot anything existed but the world he had built.
Heather Marie Adkins
USA Today Bestselling Author


Greg James has a wonderfully vivid and creative imagination which sets him apart from other writers in the Fantasy genre.
Cheryl Bradshaw
New York Times Bestselling Author of the Sloane Monroe Series


If you love dark fantasy, and are ready to experience the magic of an original, dream-like tale, The Door of Dreams is the book for you.
Julie Cassar
Bestselling Author of the Ruby Blue Series


This is dark fantasy of the highest calibre.
Adrian Chamberlin
Author of The Caretakers


Greg James has managed to capture the feel of the period, in this wonderfully atmospheric and claustrophobic novel. Shapes in the Mist is a powerful, dark, and gritty novel, full of brilliant imagery, and skilful writing, that manages to send a shiver down the spine of even this time served horror fan.
Jim McLeod
Gingernuts of Horror


James’ descriptive abilities at creating atmosphere and setting the oppressive mood are on a par with Stephen King and Clive Barker when they are at their most hauntingly surreal.
Chris Hall
DLS Reviews


It had everything I love in a fantasy story … I can confidently say I will be picking up his next Khale the Wanderer book and hope he writes many … It was a huge hit for this long time fan of the genre. Great introduction to a great series.
Phil Witvliet
Grimdark Reader Reviews