End of Year Round-Up

So, I’m finishing 2017 with targets set having been met. I have over twenty books published. Sales haven’t really gone up but this year has been one for finishing things off so that’s okay. I will be starting the new year with two books ready for publication and, after that, something else old yet new (for me, anyway) will be coming out.
There have been ups and some very deep downs this year but the fact that it’s been a year of solid writing has helped get me through the downs.

Out of the reading I’ve done this year, three titles by up-and-coming ladies in the horror genre have stood out for me. C L Raven’s darkly poetic Soul Asylum, Dani Brown’s grotesque headtrip Broccoli, and Kayleigh Marie Edwards’s collection of tales that features a bit of everything you know and love about the genre. Recommended reads, all!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – see you in 2018!

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