Made for the Dark: OUT Friday 26th May!

From Lovecraftian grotesquerie to Aickmanesque peculiarity all the way along to pure pulp gross-out worthy of Guy N. Smith; this collection has something to offer every discerning horror fan.

Above a pub in King’s Cross, London, a masked performer entices a select audience to shed their inhibitions. Beneath the ruins of a castle in the Scottish Highlands, the monstrous experiments of a missing scientist still live on. Zombies hungrily roam the woods on a dark and stormy night, waiting for unsuspecting prey. A bewildered man awakens to find himself at the end of the world and in the company of the dead Japanese writer, Kafu Nagai.

On a perfect summer’s day, two young lovers are separated but when they meet again, something has been changed between them forever. A nightmarish bus takes passengers on a journey through an urban hell. And Christmas comes but once a year yet it is something a single mother on a run-down council estate will soon wish never ever comes again.

You’d better turn the lights down low before reading more as these tales are all of a kind. They are … Made for the Dark.

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